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There is a moment in which each person must pause. Step briefly away from the perpetual race and ask where is he actually running?

The race never ends. And it will still be there after we take a deep breath and pause to reflect about your most important goals at ‘The’ finish line.

Through our years we have devoted ourselves to many noble causes, given attention to every possible subject but ourselves: school, career, family, children, and parents. We are thought to define ourselves by our worldly successes and the focus is directed from the outside towards the inside.

We need to turn things around and allocate part of our focus inside. Than direct that outward to our surroundings.

You deserve attention from yourself, attention that will only give you greater powers to take care of everything and everyone else.

Therapy is essential for all living beings. Often we are so busy taking care of any other issue in our lives that we forget that in order to be able to continue and do that we must also protect and nurture ourselves. Cultivation is not only external, and I believe that true cultivation comes from inside out.

When we are in touch with ourselves and with our personal truth, it is soothing, almost comforting, and it helps us have better proportions regarding what is happening in our lives. We are able to respond better to any challenges we are called to deal with.

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A Personal Natal Chart and an Astrological Reading
When we first meet I suggest we get to know each other better. I draw an Astrological Natal chart for you, talk with you for about half the time about where your soul came from, where is it heading and why things are the way they are this time around. The other half of the time is spent talking about the current era. What is the time right for at this moment in time for you? I usually speak with the client on processes affecting him/her in the next 12 months. A meeting is usually an hour and a half long and a recording is sent to you at the end. Readings can be done face to face, via Skype or other video or voice over IP, or on the phone.


There is a gift within your heart, waiting for you to unwrap it since the day you were born. Come, remove the ribbons which were intended only to decorate it, and not to bind it shut.


Therapeutic Astrology
Some clients going through developmental stages in their lives choose to see me for a series of sessions, usually once a week for a couple of months.

We navigate the rough seas together, as the client learns new tools that shad the light needed for a deeper examination of the repeated cycles in one’s life, and receives a fresh perspective on the matters at hand. We understand the reasons these cycles continue to come back and haunt us in our lives better and how to improve our reaction to the challenges we face.

The therapy and counseling that I provide are a spiritual alternative to regular counseling. I’m not a psychologist, or a coacher. The tools I use are ideal for people who want to step inside their souls, to look at their lives from a perspective that is not only materialistic. The therapy is performed by first establishing a private, personal, comfortable and reliable communication channel, between the client and the therapist. Honest unbiased communication on both sides is essential in order to reach the levels where true change occurs.

Tools of the Trade
Evolotunary Astrology, Guided Meditation, Cards, Healing and many other methods could apply. The tools we work with are the tools the client feels comfortable with one hand, and that are suitable for solving his or her challenges on the other.

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Why choose Evolutionary Astrology?

My personal affair with Astrology began in 1999 when I visited a big spiritual conference in Montreal, Canada. Noel Tyl, one of the greatest contemporary classical astrologers, lectured at the conference. I jumped on the opportunity to see what a professional personal astrological analysis can do, unlike all those vague predictions most of us had grown accustomed to in the papers. That morning Noel Tyl amazed me with his capability to analyze me through my chart, and made me realize how accurate astrology can be. At the end of that session, I asked Noel where I could study. He scribbled on a piece of paper the telephone number of Maurice Fernandez and said that we “Will become good friends, and he will be my teacher”. Maurice is my good friend and a teacher to this day.

In Evolutionary Astrology our point of reference is the soul: Why did we come here and what did we come here to do? What are we ‘dragging’ with us from past lives? Having a wider perspective than just one lifetime helps us understand why our life is the way it is. Things finally make sense, and we realize why our soul chose to deal with these subjects this time around.

The analysis of the chart is done in a way that would provide practical and specific tools aiding the Evolution of the Soul. What are the ‘lessons’ on which one should work on at this time, to make further progress on the developmental level? You may say, that the diagnosis of any existing pathology, is amplified by understanding the roots.

Although the cycles of the stars suggest the cycles one goes through on a personal level, Evolutionary astrology does not address things fatalistically, and understands that we can choose how to react to the archetypal symbols in the sky. We have a say in determining how the current happenings affects us.

Never, can anybody be positively sure regarding the future. We deal with waves and currents… possibilities. How they manifest and express themselves in one’s own life is partly, our own choice. Free will is ours; we command our oars in the cosmic river of time and space. Predictions are regarded as upcoming ‘waves’, parts of a more massive ‘current’, or a ‘stream’ we are in at this time. The nature of these ‘waves’ is determined by the specific planets and angles they cast to planets in one’s natal chart.

Even though we can’t choose how skies look, we have the ability to choose how the innate effects of these stars apply to us. The role of the astrologer is to help a person aim true and high, and to identify in advance what the challenges up the road will be, and provide practical advice as to how to deal with them. This knowledge gives us peace and helps us synchronize with natural order, and deepens our intimacy with the divine.

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Finding our own truth

Not a bearded old man on a cloud, not an angry Goddess, not a wooden totem at the entrance to a remote temple. The one true temple has always been in our hearts, where the butterflies of love and tears of emotion are born.

Our core, speaks a different language. More ancient that thoughts, before words gave form. A nameless, shapeless constant, cradling us and calling us to return.

Modern Society has taught us to deal with the exterior, with the temporary. We were not supplied with the prerogative to concentrate on the slow growth process within us.

Due to these external influences we drift and follow that that surrounds us. The personal spiritual emphasis was robbed by the hectic rhythm of daily life in favor of materialistic achievements. How often were we encouraged to ask ourselves where lays our personal inner compass? Or if we recognize our independent truth that sets the color scale by which we interpret the world around us?

My father once told me that the difference between a person within a religion and a religious person is that a person within a religion adapts an external codex of laws under which he/she lives, that determine for him what is permitted and what is forbidden, what is moral and what is corrupt, what is good and what is evil.

A religious person, however, does not hold any external law superior to that of his heart. He/she measures their life according to his/her conscience first of all. He/she is sensitive and in touch with his/her personal mental and spiritual values. He/she realizes that we are affected by the outer current, but we can choose not to be ruled by it.

One than realizes that we were selected, fortunately, to sit inside a fantastic vehicle for a journey we call life. That we should be wise enough to plan this life in a balanced way that emphasizes our enjoyment from being alive both in short and long term measures.
Within us seats a mechanism that can guide us, calm us, and promise contentment and peace in our lifetime. It is our inner parent and our internal eternal child. The source from which we arrived and to which we will return. Every person has the need and the right to be in direct contact with this ‘home’ within. A ‘home’ that knows us better than anyone else can, and has always been and will be working solely in our favor and for our greater good.

If one chooses to be truly happy and content, it would be wise to nurture this relationship and to cultivate it into a full blossom in our lives. A relationship with the magnificent is our most powerful engine, the place from which we draw our greatest power. It is where our inspiration comes from, and our greatest comfort dwells. It is our fountain of gratitude for the very simple, yet fundamental fact that we breathe.

Find that personal anchor. Cultivate it to be a pillar of eternal truth that shines forth and reigns over all the other transient dogmas given to us by our religion, our culture, our families, our studies or even our own experiences in the past. As our conciseness grows and changes, so does the way we look at events in our past. We understand them and our part within them differently.

There is a direct connection between you and the Divine. It is a place of knowledge more that a place of belief and when you renter it’s halls you’ll know, your home.

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