Evolutionary Astrology Forecast with Boaz Fyler

About Evolutionary Astrologer Boaz

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Boaz Fyler is an Evolutionary Astrologer. Boaz formerly served on the board of OPA (The Organization for Professional Astrology) as their Community Outreach Director and currently acts as the Israeli Representative of OPA.

Boaz has been studying Astrology with Maurice Fernandez since 1999, and more recently, with Robert Corre. Boaz has been counseling clients for over a decade, in two different ways:

Some of Fyler’s clients choose to come in for periodical meetings, a personal natal chart and up to one year’s predictions.

Others meet with Fyler on a weekly basis, for therapeutic Astrology sessions. Fyler is a spiritual therapist and guide, helping people find their inner anchor and compass.

You can learn more about Boaz Fyler on this site, as well as on his professional Facebook page, or you can always write him at boazfyler@gmail.com

You are invited to take a step closer to your truth, and reacquaint yourself with yourself.

Fyler writes:

Becoming an Evolutionary Astrologer has been a wonderful journey for me. Since my childhood, I felt a deep connection to the great mystery and a desire to devote myself to it. Throughout my entire life I counseled people for free, while my ongoing study of various mystical doctrines continued; Astrology, Chirology, Healing, Trance Mediumship, Tarot, Hypnotherapy for Children, Reiki, Herbology, and many more.

I opened my professional astrology practice in 2006 and have been counseling people professionally ever since. Today I spend my time between private counseling, teaching evolutionary astrology, lecturing,  giving workshops worldwide and writing. I am very grateful and consider myself extremely fortunate to have clients both in Europe and the USA who continue to amaze me with their support and enthusiasm. As the market in Israel is very small, I usually travel to see clients and teach in Europe and the US at least once a year.

My astrological practice centers on the spiritual, emotional and mental capacities of the person, what makes us tick, and what we came here to accomplish this time around. Calibrating ourselves with our higher purpose is the best cure I know to modern-day depression and the common feeling of dysphoria so prevalent in modern society. By finding our own center, we not only become calmer and happier but a pillar to others around us as well.