Therapeutic Astrology

Some clients going through developmental stages in their lives choose to see me for a series of sessions, usually once a week for a couple of months.

We navigate the rough seas together, as the client learns new tools that shad the light needed for a deeper examination of the repeated cycles in one’s life, and receives a fresh perspective on the matters at hand. We understand the reasons these cycles continue to come back and haunt us in our lives better and how to improve our reaction to the challenges we face.

The therapy and counseling that I provide are a spiritual alternative to regular counseling. I’m not a psychologist, or a coacher. The tools I use are ideal for people who want to step inside their souls, to look at their lives from a perspective that is not only materialistic. The therapy is performed by first establishing a private, personal, comfortable and reliable communication channel, between the client and the therapist. Honest unbiased communication on both sides is essential in order to reach the levels where true change occurs.


Grow flowers; do not comment on them from the window of your ‘vehicle’.