Why choose Evolutionary Astrology?

My personal affair with Astrology began in 1999 when I visited a big spiritual conference in Montreal, Canada. Noel Tyl, one of the greatest contemporary classical astrologers, lectured at the conference. I jumped on the opportunity to see what a professional personal astrological analysis can do, unlike all those vague predictions most of us had grown accustomed to in the papers. That morning Noel Tyl amazed me with his capability to analyze me through my chart, and made me realize how accurate astrology can be. At the end of that session, I asked Noel where I could study. He scribbled on a piece of paper the telephone number of Maurice Fernandez and said that we “Will become good friends, and he will be my teacher”. Maurice is my good friend and a teacher to this day.

In Evolutionary Astrology our point of reference is the soul: Why did we come here and what did we come here to do? What are we ‘dragging’ with us from past lives? Having a wider perspective than just one lifetime helps us understand why our life is the way it is. Things finally make sense, and we realize why our soul chose to deal with these subjects this time around.

The analysis of the chart is done in a way that would provide practical and specific tools aiding the Evolution of the Soul. What are the ‘lessons’ on which one should work on at this time, to make further progress on the developmental level? You may say, that the diagnosis of any existing pathology, is amplified by understanding the roots.

Although the cycles of the stars suggest the cycles one goes through on a personal level, Evolutionary astrology does not address things fatalistically, and understands that we can choose how to react to the archetypal symbols in the sky. We have a say in determining how the current happenings affects us.

Never, can anybody be positively sure regarding the future. We deal with waves and currents… possibilities. How they manifest and express themselves in one’s own life is partly, our own choice. Free will is ours; we command our oars in the cosmic river of time and space. Predictions are regarded as upcoming ‘waves’, parts of a more massive ‘current’, or a ‘stream’ we are in at this time. The nature of these ‘waves’ is determined by the specific planets and angles they cast to planets in one’s natal chart.

Even though we can’t choose how skies look, we have the ability to choose how the innate effects of these stars apply to us. The role of the astrologer is to help a person aim true and high, and to identify in advance what the challenges up the road will be, and provide practical advice as to how to deal with them. This knowledge gives us peace and helps us synchronize with natural order, and deepens our intimacy with the divine.