There is a moment in which each person must pause. Step briefly away from the perpetual race and ask where is he actually running?

The race never ends. And it will still be there after we take a deep breath and pause to reflect about your most important goals at ‘The’ finish line.  

Through our years we have devoted ourselves to many noble causes, given attention to every possible subject but ourselves: school, career, family, children, and parents. We are thought to define ourselves by our worldly successes and the focus is directed from the outside towards the inside.

We need to turn things around and allocate part of our focus inside. Than direct that outward to our surroundings.

You deserve attention from yourself, attention that will only give you greater powers to take care of everything and everyone else.

Therapy is essential for all living beings. Often we are so busy taking care of any other issue in our lives that we forget that in order to be able to continue and do that we must also protect and nurture ourselves. Cultivation is not only external, and I believe that true cultivation comes from inside out.

When we are in touch with ourselves and with our personal truth, it is soothing, almost comforting, and it helps us have better proportions regarding what is happening in our lives. We are able to respond better to any challenges we are called to deal with.